Education is not the problem, it’s the solution. Education is not an expense, it’s an investment.


The platforms for our educational programs stick with our philosophy and mission with a major emphasis on setting a strong foundation and then moving in a proper sequence without skipping steps through the fundamentals of diving. When these steps are followed, we can build an unbelievably strong stable structure and keep adding to its abilities.

Through our wisdom (age & mistakes) we have hand-picked and designed the programs we are willing to teach. Our idea – again staying with concierge service – is to personally direct you through this process. Education through Evolution Scuba can start from any point in one’s dive training from non-diver all the way to the highest level in diving, and anywhere in between. No matter what you have been taught or where you stand in abilities, we will assess and set up a solution for your training. We teach a different discipline of scuba, please drop your guard and open your minds so we may turn your diving into an art form.