If you want to learn to dive, be humble, leave your baggage, and be open

There is no one I would rather be in the water with than Gary Woods and Ed Hayes. If you are found them, you are fortunate. They bring every ounce of strength, heart, passion and expertise to the table every time.

You can train and you will experience, and you can be present for all of it for good or bad. The inner journey from the water calling us towards ourselves is unending.

These men have heard that call, and have had the courage to drop their egos, listen and learn. This is what informs their teaching. They will make you examine everything you thought you knew, and finally face yourself to bring your training to the next level. When you realize this gift, which will not always feel natural nor easy, you will feel grateful.

If you want to learn to dive, be humble, leave your baggage, and be open. Ed and Gary walk the walk, and have the generous hearts of true teachers.

Deidre S.

Some of the best training in the world

I started my journey with Ed Hayes, Gary Woods, and the team at Evolution Scuba early in 2017 and have since taken multiple courses with them, the latest being GUE Recreational 3 Trimix. What keeps drawing me back is the fact that Ed and his team take each individual, no matter what level, under their wing and develop him or her into the best diver they can be.

You not only receive some of the best training in the world, but also gain access to a network of the best divers around the globe that will also treat you like family. With Ed, Gary, and the team at Evolution Scuba, you truly develop a lifelong relationship with people that genuinely care about your well-being in and out of the water.

Brian C.
GUE Recreational 3 Trimix

They give close attention to everyone in class

I wouldn’t want to learn any other way. Ed and Gary is thorough and clear in their teaching. I knew right away after my discover scuba class that I wanted to get certified by Evolution Scuba for my Open Water. They give close attention to everyone in class making sure each person understands the logic behind everything we learn.

I felt very safe during both my Discover Scuba and PADI Open Water knowing I am in good hands. You can feel how passionate they are about not only diving but about PROPERLY DIVING. The training prior to open water ensured that all the basic skills became comfortable so you get to really enjoy the amazing first open water experience.

You just know when you meet people like Ed and Gary who know what they are talking about and who cares. That’s when the trust builds and you will never want to get anything less once you experience highest quality.

Open Water Diver

His passion and enthusiasm for the sport pulled me right in

When my husband and I decided to get back into diving after a lapse of over 30 years, I was lucky enough to make a phone call to a local dive shop that put me in touch with Ed Hayes. His passion and enthusiasm for the sport pulled me right in and his incredible instruction gave me the skills and confidence to truly enjoy the experience. Gary Woods was part of that experience. His guidance was likewise top notch and he lead a number of dive trips that we participated in. He always enhanced the experience with his patience and support for a couple who sometimes needed a little extra attention.


Unparalleled ability to teach…

The abilities that Ed and Gary have to teach and understand their students is unparalleled. I have seen them manage a class full of different personalities and bring the best out of everyone.

Their passion for diving and the betterment of the industry is not only evident in all that they do, but it’s also contagious. They do not simply push people through and get them in the water to make a quick buck like so many other shops. They produce highly skilled, trained and confident divers that have a respect and appreciation for the underwater environment.

If you want to be comfortable, confident and truly enjoy your dives, then Evolution Scuba is the place to go. You will get the best training and equipment available.

Matt H.

Ed brings a passion for training that is unique

Ed Hayes brings a passion for training that is unique in the dive industry. Whether it’s in the classroom, pool, or actual dive environments, his ability to impart new skills into your diving by breaking down each individual sequence through repetition and feedback ensures that every student has a chance to reach their diving potential.

Having worked with Ed in both organized and private sessions for nearly 10 years, Ed’s training methods have enabled me to progress from a recreational level diver to long range overhead and deep trimix diver in both caves and ocean environments. Yes, it can be a lot of work, but whatever your diving goals, Ed will ensure that the committed diver who is willing to invest the time and energy in advancing their skills through training and experience, will reach whatever level of diving they desire.

Ken B.

The training my wife and I have received has been top notch

The training my wife and I have received from the Evolution Scuba team has been top notch. What I thought would be just one class resulted in me finding a new passion that provides me tons of enjoyment.
The instruction is top notch and fuels my desire to keep learning and experience new things. They have instructed classes, organized recreational and technical dive experiences (which they joined us on), and have enabled us to be self-sufficient divers who have FUN! I never would have thought that we would be equally comfortable at 130+ feet taking pictures of a wreck while diving trimix as we are on a 30 foot reef dives in the warm Caribbean waters.

Bottom line, they are great instructors

What I liked about the training I received with Ed and Gary is the honest feedback and great tips on exercises and mechanics specific to me for improving my performance and techniques. They are obviously very skilled with a wealth of experience and can impart their knowledge of what it takes to learn new or improve current skills. Both are very patient which is awesome for students like me who don’t get it the first – or fourth – time.

Bottom line, they are great instructors, I enjoyed working with them and they are simply good people.

Rob M.

Top notch training!

The best way to describe Evolution Scuba is top notch training! You will be better equipped with superior skills, equipment, and knowledge than your average dive school. They will help you be more comfortable and in more control in the water, allowing you to truly enjoy each and every dive.

Their style is like no other place I have seen. They cater to the individuals needs and go at whatever pace is required to make you the best diver you can be. I mean who else can back up under water?

James L.

One of he most enjoyable experiences of my life

One of the most enjoyable experiences of my life was the instruction I received from Ed Hayes. As I progressed through my training with Ed, PADI Open Water thru Assistant Instructor and the GUE instruction  & disciplines I have grown as a diver and an AI. Ed’s support and flexibility helping me achieve my goals made a tremendous impact on my life.

Ed’s knowledge, professionalism, coaching, mentoring & training creates an enjoyable learning environment.

Mike A.

Do not accept mediocrity from your training experience

I’ve trained, dove, taught and counseled with Ed Hayes and Gary Woods for over fifteen years. Based on my experience(s), you won’t find two more talented, knowledgeable or passionate dive instructors.

They will break down your skill set, take you to and thru the most basic, to the most advanced dive theory and technique and develop you into a more educated and proficient diver. All this while slowly expanding your own desires to be the best diver in the water. I have seen them be the most patient and at times, the most demanding instructors ever. I personally experienced and appreciated both characteristics.

Do not accept mediocrity from your training experience you will not get it. Ed and Gary are dedicated and experienced training professionals who do not accept mediocrity from themselves or their students.

Nick C.

He really cares that you dive well

Ed Hayes Taught me how to dive about 10 years ago. His engaging style of teaching had me hooked from day one. I finished my PADI certification and soon pursued a higher skill level continuing on with Enriched Air, Advanced, Divemaster and Instructor.

Ed also trained me in specialties such as dry suit and doubles diving along with GUE Fundamentals certification.

Looking back over the past 10 years I consider myself lucky to have had the training I received from Ed. After being around SCUBA divers and professionals the thing that stands out about Ed is that he really cares that you dive well when you leave his class.

Paul C.