Evolution: a gradual process in which something changes, grows, or develops into a different & more advanced form.

Mission Statement & Philosophy

Mission Statement

To provide custom solutions to the world of diving and teach – through proper education, equipment and experience – the art form and discipline of SCUBA.


Evolution Scuba’s primary philosophy was developed by taking a hard honest look at how we the founders, principles and trainers were educated and equipped to experience the underwater realm. Not only did we look at how we were trained, we had to look at how we were training others.

Through this assessment process, Evolution Scuba developed, adapted and adopted our formula for change. The idea of scuba being an art form or discipline will not be forgotten in our teachings. Our process will always start with and build the strongest foundation possible. We cannot and will not move our customers along until this solid platform is in place.

Evolution Scuba is committed to provide concierge style industry wide dive services. Simply put, you come to us, we come to you or we meet you anywhere! Customer satisfaction and quality service is our primary concern.

We would like to present to you our process of Dive Evolution for the following arenas:

  • Business
  • Public Safety
  • Education
  • Equipment
  • Experience

Are you ready for a change?