Government’s first duty and highest obligation is public safety

Public Safety Solutions

At Evolution Scuba, we believe that confidence comes from discipline and training. Our Training Program is simple; we take you back to a basic sound foundation of diving skills. Your dive team and you must have absolute control in and out of the water. Only after you are comfortable and safe at this level, a fundamentally sound diver, will we move you on to the rest of our Public Safety Classes. This unique approach to training will be the difference that sets your team apart.

We also are aware that budgets, training schedules, and logistics can often get in the way. We have found equipment and training solutions for many Public Safety Dive Teams. We have an expert staff of instructors to fill all of your training needs. Evolution Scuba will give you a no obligation consultation to discuss your team’s needs for equipment and or training, custom fit for your department’s budget, time constraints and diving environment. If you are considering new dive gear, get the right advice and the proper gear. We can also upgrade or reconfigure your existing equipment.

When it comes to acquiring funds for your team’s needs for either training or equipment, our staff includes a professional grant writer.