To succeed, you will learn, as we did, the importance of a solid foundation.

Signature Programs

These courses are prerequisites to all of our training. If you have not taken them, it is a requirement so that we insure that no steps in setting the proper foundation have been skipped. The Element programs were created and designed by Evolution Scuba to address the issues of control in the water columns.

Elements of Diving 1

This program brings you back to the foundation principals of diving. Beginning with how physics affects physiology and how physics affects equipment, the program simply explains and brings to a clear understanding, all components of the pre-dive.

Then Elements 1 moves to the cornerstone principals for obtaining control in the water columns. Equipment, body, buoyancy, propulsion and situation awareness are explained, practiced and mastered to create a solid base for all of your diving.

Elements of Diving 2

This class continues working on your foundation and at the same time moves you into the fundamental skill sets. We consider fundamental skills the ability to combine your foundation skills into a more complex arrangement.

For example: Propulsion now becomes maneuvering in any direction you wish including being able to back up. Body position now becomes proper trim. Buoyancy becomes proper ascents and descents. The fundamental skill set also must included your mask, regulator, and safety drills that are paramount to the diver.

This program then puts extreme emphasis on teamwork and situation awareness. The course starts you on your way to managing your dive by way of expanding your task loading abilities.

The goal is an underwater awakening which will bring your diving to a whole new level.