Propulsion Workshop held at Boston Sea Rovers

On March 11 Evolution Scuba hosted a Propulsion Workshop at The Boston Sea Rovers Show in Danvers, Massachusetts.

The Boston Sea Rovers are the proud sponsors of the “Longest Continuously Running Dive Show in the World, and are a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the underwater world. Started in 1954 as a means of educating the public how to safely use scuba, this yearly show has evolved into a world renowned three-day event that draws attendees, presenters and exhibitors from all over the world. The show is designed to entertain and educate the public on topics of exploration, filmmaking, scientific discoveries, scuba diving and more.

Evolution Scuba’s propulsion workshop was designed to give scuba divers “a taste” of the unique and quality training that is offered by the Evolution Team. It was a huge success with 18 divers taking part in the 6 hour lecture and pool session. Topics covered included body position and control along with propulsion techniques including the back up kick.

All participants did very well with the skills and as of today, more than ten of them have signed up for more training. All enrollment fees were donated to the National Breast Cancer Association, and we thank all participants for that. A special thanks to James, Ian and Kyra for making the long drive and helping with the class and students.

Propulsion Workshop Photo Gallery