Parazlenz offers a great underwater camera made easy-to-use without the need for extra equipment. Their accessories and mounting systems can offer you a new perspective on your scuba diving experiences.

The unit is a stand-alone camera, that is waterproof without the need for an extra housing around the camera. The unit features an aluminum body with titanium screws that you literally can bring anywhere.

Unique Features

Paralenz is the first underwater camera with a pressure sensor. It can display real-time depth and temperature as an overlay in your videos and pictures.

Color filters normally must be changed whenever you change depth, and they absorb a lot of the light. This camera doesn’t need filters! It gives you all the light and less task-loading. Paralenz´s patented DCC automatically corrects the colors to match the depth you are at.

Paralenz Dive Camera

If you love complicated settings and like to spend your dive time fiddling with a camera – this is not for you!

Paralenz Dive Camera+ looks and feels like regular dive gear, is easy to use, extremely durable and makes quality recordings.

  • As easy as using a torch
  • Full aluminium body and titanium screws
  • Depth & Temperature video overlay
  • Extra long battery life
  • No need for filters or extra housing
  • Simple Sharing via mobile app