OmniSwivel International

Products from OmniSwivel International are well known in the diving community and to high tech divers and rescue workers that stake their lives on the products reliability. With an ever expanding product line, their focus is maintained on making products better, stronger and, most of all, increasing the level of safety for fellow divers.

OmniSwivel International is the original, premium manufacturer of hand-crafted, highly skilled and designed parts for the diving community. The company has been manufacturing top-quality products since the 1970s.

OSI manufactures more than 100 products, including everything including adaptors, dust caps, port plug and gas switch blocks.

Gas Switch Block

  • Solid brass construction for maximum durability.
  • Oxygen Compatible Materials and O-Rings.
  • Inlet adapters can be removed to expose 3/8″-24 female ports.  Allowing for flexibility of hose attachments.
  • Center position (as shown) has a built in shut off. This is to prevent cross blending of multiple gases, or to turn off 2nd stage regulator in the event of a failure.