Light Monkey

Light Monkey designs and manufactures high quality technical diving equipment that you can depend on.

While cave diving is their passion, the Light Monkey gear is not just for caves. Products designed, manufactured ands supported by Light Monkey are at home in all technical diving environments.

Like Monkey uses the highest quality materials available and they never cut corners when it comes to customer service or design.

Light Monkey 10-32 VF LED

This 32 watt, adjustable LED features five Piezo controlled levels of output and 195 minutes of burn time.

Light Monkey light systems use a lithium chemistry rechargeable battery that has a high energy density, very good cycle life and is environmentally friendly. In addition, lithium chemistry batteries can be stored for several months without significantly losing charge.


  • 4000 Lumen output with variable focus for complete beam control
  • Select 10 Amp or 15 Amp / standard or sidemount canister style
  • Offers five (5) light settings with burn times lasting for days!
  • Compact and lightweight yet extremely rugged lighting system
  • Battery and light are safe for AIR transport – No TSA restrictions

Light Monkey Pitken Heater Controler

The Pitkin Controller, developed by esteemed cave explorer Andy Pitkin, was designed to go inline between a battery canister and heated drysuit systems.

By toggling the switch, you reduce the power that is going to the heated undergarments and extend your burn time. Power levels available vary between 40 and 100 percent in 20 percent increments. To reset back to 100 percent, simply switch the canister off for 10 seconds.

It is recommended to use a Pitkin integrated battery pack for heated undergarments ONLY.