K 01 Professional Diving Equipment

K01 was born of a passion for diving, and their brand is now synonymous with dedication to producing products of the highest calibre, research and development of the most cutting edge materials, and respect for the environment.

The founders wondered why no companies produced products which were comfortable for wearers, and specifically why they had not developed anything which considered the comfort of divers’ heads.

From there, they embarked upon a passion project: researching something that would be functional, easy to wear and that would protect the diver. They wanted to bring a product to the industry which would not just cover the wearer’s head, but something that would be exceedingly comfortable. The functionality of their products is of utmost importance.

Although the fit and finish on these hoods is second-to-none, K01 is one of the few companies who will custom build your hood in either 5mm or 8mm thickness.

K01 Hood Classic

This hood in manufactured with an exclusive high quality of neoprene Made in Japan only for K01 brand to give maximum comfort and performance to the most demanding divers.

Totally designed and handmade created in our workshop in Italy by expert craftsmen making this one of our items of proud.

K01 hoods are available in the version 3 and 5 and 8 mm, with standard and long collar.

K01 Hood Bib

Same as standard version, only designed with longer collar for specific needed.