Halcyon Dive Systems

“Peaceful, Calm, Serene” are among the things we all love about being underwater. In the early 1990’s, the principles of what would become Halcyon Manufacturing were innovating a wide range of equipment critical to the success of globally diverse exploration goals. The transition from noisy, open-circuit scuba to the first truly intuitive rebreather operating system provided exponential performance benefits and enabled realization of previously unimaginable diving accomplishments.

Today, the continual pursuit of optimized performance enables our collective escape to the idyllic underwater world and is reflected in the company’s laser-like focus and chosen corporate name.
Halcyon makes the gear that we know will enhance your diving.

Halcyon Infinity BCD

The Halcyon Infinity is not your typical buoyancy compensator. In fact, it establishes a new standard in single-tank diving, offering the unparalleled performance of a back mounted harness, and the easy adjustability of a jacket BC. The heart of the Infinity BC is Halcyon’s Cinch Quick-adjust harness (patent pending). The Cinch harness is also available for double tanks, and as an upgrade to existing Halcyon diving systems.

The Cinch Quick-adjust provides rapid adjustment of the diving harness, allowing an unprecedented fit, and easy equipment removal. The Infinity also features Halcyon’s new Deluxe Harness Pads, providing the ultimate in diving comfort and convenience.

The Infinity BC features Halcyon’s immensely popular Eclipse wing. The long, narrow profile supports a diver’s tank along his or her entire length, preventing unnecessary drag and minimizing in-water effort.

Halcyon Pressure Gauge

Halcyon pressure gauges are as reliable as they are accurate. We start with an industrial-strength spring designed for pressures beyond 5,000psi (400bar), high-quality materials, and a highly visible, luminescent face make this a common favorite among divers in all environments. Pick from our Standard or Stage pressure gauges.

The weight and size of our Standard SPG gauge make it well suited as a primary SPG. The large, clear display is easy to read in all diving conditions.